Since 2018 I have worked with Guardian to run the Guardian Masterclass 'What journalists want: A masterclass for PRs, marketers and business owners'.

I also run workshops targeted at PRs, small businesses and other organisations. During these sessions, I explain the importance of storytelling and thinking creatively when it comes to securing media coverage, and offer guidance and tips on working with the media. An online version of the workshop will be made available at the start of 2019. 

I also run a consultancy offering Skype and face-to-face sessions focused on helping brands, businesses and entrepreneurs work with the media and secure press coverage.

For more information and prices, please email me at susiebearne AT hotmail DOT com.


Hello! I am visiting Bristol on March 29 to speak to small businesses, entrepreneurs and organisations about how best to secure press coverage. The workshop is designed to give you a greater understanding of how the media operates, what journalists are looking for from a story, and how tweaking your pitch and your approach can have major impact in securing press coverage. Delving on my 10 years' experience as a journalist, Guardian Masterclass host Suzanne Bearne will offer guidance on working with the press, explain what to include in a press release, reveal how you can take advantage of digital platforms, and provide tips on building relationships with both in-house and freelance journalists. Featuring strong case-studies, this interactive session is aimed at anyone interested in securing more media coverage for their business or organisation. 

Course outline

Overview of how the media operates

  • My background: from trade magazine journalist to freelancer for the BBC and The Guardian.

  • Explanation of how journalists work

What journalists are looking for from a story

  • Great stories, not obvious marketing

  • Topical stories

  • Unique and fresh angles

  • Excellent case-studies

Creative ways to secure media coverage

Spotting opportunities by thinking creatively

Become an expert

Break for questions/tea & coffee

How to pitch a journalist

How to make sure you're targeting the right journalists

What to include in a press release 

The 'five Ws'

Identifying opportunities online

Using digital tools to get in the press

Key dos and don'ts when it comes to dealing with the press


Please note that tickets are non-refundable.